ICADME 20023

Presentation Guidelines

Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper for oral presentation at ICADME2023!

PowerPoint Presentation – Guidelines and Tips

  • Use the ICADME 2023 template for your presentation.
  • Confirm your attendance to the session chair(s) at least 5 minutes before the start of your session.
  • You will be allocated 12 minutes for your presentation, plus 3 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Focus on the main points of your paper and avoid including too much text on your slides.
  • Outline the purpose of your study at the beginning of your presentation.
  • Avoid using animation or sound effects.
  • Make sure your pictures and figures are of good quality.
  • Each slide should take no more than 1 minute to present.
  • Do not exceed 12-15 slides.
  • Keep your slides simple to prevent slow loading.


When Delivering Your Presentation

  • Project your voice so that everyone in the audience can hear you.
  • Look up and speak to the audience.
  • Avoid awkward pauses.
  • Use simple language.
  • Breathe deeply and speak at a natural pace.
  • Maintain a relaxed posture.
Practice your presentation at least 3 or 4 times before the conference. When you feel comfortable speaking without reading from your notes, ask a colleague to listen and give you feedback