Authors' Centre

Please read the following instructions carefully meant for the possible participants of ICADME 2015:

  1. Fill the ICADME 2015 Paper Submission Information Form (click here to download) and send it to This is required to get ID and password to access the Applied Mechanics and Materials (AMM) website. Any inquiries should be sent to
  2. After receiving the duly completed form sent by the prospective participant by the conference secretariat, the corresponding author will receive an email containing the ID and password and also the guidance to submit the full paper through the official Applied Mechanics and Materials (AMM) website. The full paper should not exceed a maximum of five-pages and must follow the AMM format. The template for the full paper can be downloaded here. The authors are advised to submit the full papers before the deadline. Excessive delay may cause such papers to be rejected.
  3. The process of blind review of all submitted papers will be done online by the experts in the areas of research of the papers. The reviewers’ comments and submission guidelines will be sent to the corresponding authors through email.
  4. Kindly note that the accepted paper will be published in AMM only if the registration fee is paid at least by one of the authors of that paper and complete copyright transfer agreement is submitted. Further details about the registration fee and invoice can be sent to
  5. Once the payment and the full paper have been received, the ICADME secretariat will complete the registration for that paper ID and inform the corresponding author of that paper. See you at the ICADME 2015 at Penang, Malaysia.