Call For PapersĀ                                                                pdf

This International Conference provides a forum for presentation and discussion of the state of current research in applications and design in Mechanical Engineering. It plays an important role in providing a platform for young researchers for mutual exchange of knowledge towards improving the academic, scientific and research programs.

Possible collaboration and exchange of research ideas, increase in general awareness in the application/design areas, exposure to pursued problems of relevancy and saving of time due to the availability of the already developed formulations/designs in different fields of Mechanical Engineering are additional objectives of this meet. Manuscripts having focus on theory, application, design and/or experimental studies relevant to the conference theme are invited.

Scope (not limited to)

Energy & Thermo-Fluids

Energy Conversion System
Renewable Energy
Fluid Dynamics
Heat Transfer
Heat Exchanger
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Alternative Energy
Internal Combustion Engine

Applied Mechanics & Design

Solid & Fracture Mechanics
Machinery Dynamics
Condition Monitoring
Machine Design
Concurrent Engineering
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Noise & Vibration Analysis
Computer Aided Engineering Design (CAED)